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Pelican 1720 Case

Pelican Case 1720

Retail: $ 274.93
Your Price: $ 200.68
With Flat Polyurethane Foam +$28.05
With Military Grade PE Foam +$90.48
With Pick N' Pluck Foam +$47.62

Standard Features:
Inside Dimensions: 42.00"L x 13.56"W x 5.31"D O-ring Seal
Outside Dimensions: 44.38"L x 16.00"W x 6.13"D Purge Valve
Lid / Base Split: 1.68"Lid / 3.63"Base 4 Easy Open Double-Throw latches
Shipping Weight: 22 lbs Blank Nameplate to Personalize
Fold Down handles Tilt Wheels
Download Nameplate Mailing Form
Some customers who viewed this product ended up purchasing the CC1530SE (44.50"L x 14.29"W x 6.22"D)

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Pelican Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence

The Pelican 1720 rifle case is a rifle case made by Pelican Products to fit medium size rifles (less than 42"). The Pelican 1720 case is perfect for larger black rifles, or those firearms used in close to medium distance combat (picture features the military issued M-16). Extra room around your rifle will allow space for magazines, scopes / optics, lasers, and a Pelican Flashlight (we recommend the #2320 M6 Lithium to mount on your gun). The Pelican 1720 case is a great waterproof case that can be thrown quickly into a combat vehicle, or squad car taking up minimal space while protecting your rifle. For a smaller case view the Pelican 1700 Case, and for a larger one, view the Pelican 1750 Case.

Pelican 1720 Case is waterproof, dustproof and crushproof.

The Pelican 1720 case is perfect for the average size rifle. The 1720 case features include tilt wheels with a fold down handle on one side. Unlike the Pelican 1700 Case the handle on the front of the Pelican 1720 case folds down and out of the way. An automatic purge valve on the 1720 case allows air to move in freely while still keeping out moisture. This means opening the Pelican 1720 case in high altitudes a breeze. An o-ring seal keeps the 1720 case waterproof to the point where it can be fully submerged. The double throw latches open in a way that pry against itself creating an easy to open Pelican 1720 case. If you need a larger case be sure to check out the Pelican 1750 Case.

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